Your faculty profile in the directory is controlled through the linking of several different pieces of data.  Some of that data loads in automatically, and the rest of it is controlled by you.

To add/change your office hours:

Login to CCNet (located at the bottom of the main website)
CCNET Login Button

Click to edit your profile (located in the upper right corner of the CCNet screen)

Edit CCNET Profile Image

View your profile.  Some items can only be changed/updated through a request to payroll.  Other items, like Office Hours you can set.  Click Request/Make Profile Changes.


Request Changes in CCNET image


To update office hours and/or provide a faculty website link to students, click the Edit my Profile link.   Click the Request link to update payroll-based items.

Edit Profile


Finally, type your office hours and availability in the text box.  You can also add a link to your own faculty website (if you have one).  Click Save Office Hours at the bottom of the text box when you are finished.