The purpose of the TLC at WWCC is to provide a comfortable, quality, learning environment.  Tutoring services are offered free of charge to all currently enrolled WWCC students.  We help with mathematics, science, writing, and study skills while encouraging student independence and responsibility.  The center is staffed primarily with trained peer tutors who have excelled in their own classes.

Many students find the most successful way to use the TLC is to come in on a regular basis in addition to their classroom experience.  They find that completing their homework in the center serves the dual purpose of getting the work done and having their questions answered by a knowledgeable tutor.

In writing, we believe there are no bad papers – just writers who have not yet found the right voice.  We offer support and advice while guiding students to writing self-sufficiency.

Services Provided:

In addition to our qualified math, science, and writing tutors who are available to assist with your questions, we offer:

  • Help with class assignments AND non-classroom writing projects
  • Assistance with calculators
  • Help with your writing assignment, even if you haven’t made any notes yet!
  • Assistance with software (MyMathLab, MyCompLab, Mathematica, MS Word, MS Excel)
  • Writing resources, including those for MLA and APA
  • In center use of computers, calculators, models, microscopes, flashcards, reference books, and textbooks

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