The faculty review process at WWCC is part of our negotiated contract. To read more information about the process, please see the section of the contract that fits your employment category:
Full Time, Tenured, and Tenure Track: Article 29
Part-Time Faculty: Article 36

Full Time

Evaluation of faculty includes peer and student feedback. Members of the faculty are responsible for staying current in their fields, practicing pedagogical innovation when necessary and being active participants in the institution.

In compliance with the faculty contract, if the administration believes there is a need to evaluate faculty before the cycle is completed, the deans will inform the chair of the Tenure Review Committee, the Association President, and the faculty member prior to implementation of the evaluation process.  Upon the faculty member’s request, the complete evaluation process will be followed.


Part Time

The following is a process that most part-time faculty can expect to experience at WWCC due to the diverse teaching patterns associated with adjunct teaching:

Students evaluate part-time instructors the first quarter that they teach for the college.

    1. Students and peers evaluate part-time instructors the 2nd quarter that they teach for the college.
    2. Part-time faculty members participate in a self-evaluation during their third quarter of teaching.
    3. Deans of part-time instructors review all the evaluation documents and copies are stored in the employee file in the Human Resources Office.

After part-time instructors have completed three quarters of successful teaching and their portfolios include all the evaluation instruments (student, peer, self, and reviews by deans), they will be evaluated on a three year cycle.  This assessment process parallels the rigor of that established for full-time faculty employed by the college.

The Instruction Office tracks the elements of the evaluation process (student, peer, self, administrative) that have been completed for each instructor.

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