Instructor Briefcase (IBC) provides you access to information you need to know to teach your assigned courses, as well as a way to turn in your grades at the end of the quarter.  In the online Instructor Briefcase, you will find your course roster, classroom assignment, start and end dates for your course, as well as the days/times you are expected to teach. At the end of the quarter, you will also find links with which you’ll submit your grades.

To Access your Instructor Briefcase:

  • Log in via CCNET (the employee portal) at the bottom of the college’s home page
  • Log into CCNET
  • Locate the icon marked IBC.
    Instructor Briefcase Icon
  •  After clicking on the icon you will be directed to the IBC.

Class Rosters

Class Rosters can be found in multiple ways.

  1. Students will show in the “people” list in our learning management system Canvas within the specific course shell.
  2. Student rosters can be accessed via the Instructor Briefcase in the employee portal (CCNET).
  3. Class Rosters can also be found in Advisor Data Portal and the Student Portal Communicator.

Room Location

To find out which room you will teach in, check the roster page in your Instructor Briefcase for time and location information. Online courses will be listed as ARR for this information.  You can also check the eSchedule for the most updated information.