Canvas means never having to lose learning time with your students to interruptions like snow or freezing rain, DNS attacks, power outages, attending conferences, or even plagues of locusts.


At the start of each quarter, review your Plan “C” process with students (e.g. should they look for a new announcement? Course message? Check the course homepage? etc.)?

Include the URL to Canvas ( in your syllabus and encourage students to bookmark it in their browsers.

If bad weather seems imminent, remind students of Plan “C” before they leave and let them know what time you’ll have it posted by in the morning.

What to post? That day’s assignment. Or an alternate reading assignment, Word or PDF handouts, links to web resources, discussions, and discussion board-based scenarios to work through.  Or open up a Big Blue Button room complete with whiteboard or a Panopto recording session and hold a live lecture.