Currently, we use Canvas as our learning management system.  Canvas can be used by face-to-face instructors for the gradebook, calendar, and attendance features.  For web-enhanced classes, faculty can add modules filled with links, videos, and other resources. Hybrid and fully online courses will upload actual course content, discussions, lectures, assessments, and other materials that make up their course(s) and the student interactions with it. For those who require training beyond the gradebook, please contact the eLearning department’s Instructional Technologist Brian Walker at 509-527-1871 or email her at [email protected] to register for the next opportunity.

The Canvas Gradebook

Grading is one of those necessary evils of teaching. Using the gradebook in Canvas can minimize student complaints by providing them 24/7 access to their scores and helpful feedback about their progress or lack thereof. Whether you are teaching face-to-face, hybrid, or online, you can use Canvas as your gradebook. Students, especially younger students who are used to online grading technology, rely heavily on access to online grades. Some of our students have been getting feedback online since they were in elementary school.


Determine how you will organize the “math” of grading (Links to an external site.) (e.g. points, percentages, weighted gradesextra credit, etc.) This needs to be done prior to grading any student work as different methods may impact the final score differently. For every graded assignment in your course, create an assignment in Canvas – this will automatically add the item to the gradebook.  If you are only using the gradebook and nothing else, you really just need the assignment titles and points. If students will be doing the work IN Canvas, you should flesh out the assignment descriptions and link to them in a module. Make sure your Grades Tab is available on the navigation menu for students. Be sure to publish your course – students will not be able to access the gradebook if you don’t publish. Extra Help:  You can find detailed screenshots to help using this  link to Canvas Grades instructions.