Academic Early Warning (AEW) and Attendance Verification (No Show) Reporting are two reports faculty must complete each quarter. AEW reports students who are struggling and may need early interventions. The registrar uses Attendance Verification reports to tell the difference between students who intended to drop the course (and never showed up to it) from those who may have missed the first few days due to an illness or being out of town.   The Registrars office will send out reminders to faculty email addresses of when these reports are due.

Both are found in the employee portal (CCNet) and can be accessed by clicking on the icons there.                                   

How to Configure Academic Early Warning

1) Click the AEW icon in CCNet
Academic Early Warning Icon

2) Click report to open up the quarter folder.
Academic Early Warning

3) Click report again to open up the individual class.
Academic Early Warning

4) Click the down arrow under the student’s name to choose a quick text reporting comment, then click add code to add the comment to the student’s record. You could also type a comment in the comment box – click save to add the comment to the student’s record.
Academic Early Warning

5)Verify the comments you desired are correctly attached to the record (Yellow highlight below).
Academic Early Warning

6) When you are all done, click the I’m done link to go to your next class.